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This Web site has a focus on our narrowboat itself, rather than on our trips or the (very well covered elsewhere) canal system in general.  Thank you for looking, we hope you find it useful.
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Augurs Well is a 60 ft semi-trad narrowboat built for
Brian & Jan by Orchard Marina in Sept / Oct 2010.

The layout, from the front is: bedroom, bathroom, sitting room, dining room, kitchen

Equipment fitted includes:-
general: cratch cover, pram hood, bow thruster, double glazing, central heating, 2.5kW pure sinewave inverter, LED lighting throughout, solid oak doors & floor.
bedroom: full 5 ft double bed, wardrobes.
bathroom: "proper" porcelain loo, hand basin, full size shower
sitting room: separate 2 seater sofa, TV / AV system, wood burning stove
dining area: 6 seater corner dinette, converting to double bed
kitchen: granite work tops, gas oven & hob, microwave, fridge, freezer, washing machine.

How do Private boats compare with Hire boats ?
Most importantly in the amount of space devoted to beds

Private Boats
even a 60+ ft boat will typically only have a couple on board (crew of 2) and will thus have only one fixed bed.  This allows for far more "living" space, a dedicated sitting room being universal although virtually unheard of on Hire boats
Bathrooms are normally made much more spacious by using the full width of the boat, this also allows domestic sized showers to be fitted.
Kitchens are similarly sized, with the main difference being the number of luxury fittings and often the inclusion of a washing machine (only really needed for the longer trips private boats make).
Plan of Augurs Well - typical of a well appointed 60ft private boat

Hire Boats
Clearly to make the hire cost per person reasonable, the boats are designed with a large number of beds per unit length. Inevitably this means much of the boat is taken up with sleeping accommodation, or dual use bed/settee conversions.
Since several people will be on board, bathrooms are invariably of the "corridor" design.  This has the advantage that everyone can move front to back of the boat whilst the bathroom is in use, but the bathroom itself will be cramped. 

Example plans of two 60ft Hire boats

Stern Designs:
modern trad
trad trad ???

Most hire boats are cruiser sterned since this layout allows the most outside space which is good with so many people typically on board. Many private owners also specify cruiser sterns.
A semi-trad stern is a compromise, it shares the far more attractive profile of the trad design yet still has some space for socialising.  It is the most popular design for private boats (where the space available is perfectly adequate for the typical numbers on board). They are available in some hire fleets.
(Proper) Trad designs come as full replica working boat sterns with a boatman's cabin at the back then an engine room containing a large old slow-revving ("thumper") engine. For the real enthusiast !!!
Modern trads look much the same but have a small modern engine, identical to the cruiser & semi-trad engines. The writer fails to see any merit in this design, but many clearly disagree as they are commonly specified for private boats.

See the [ Trips ] section of the web site for numerous other photos of Augurs Well.