Home Page of Jan & Brian's narrowboat "Augurs Well".  This web site started Aug 2010, just before construction commenced

NEW !!! - the radiators are done - smaller ones in main cabin, with new shelves
and an extra radiator in the bedroom

Watch the video of our Easter week trip around the Cheshire Ring
Trip done anticlockwise & included going down/up the Anderton Lift.  Half way round, we were back at Orchard, then repeated our Maiden Voyage back home.
Any thoughts on: why are the Ashton & Rochdale Canals still so full of rubbish ?
And why are people on the Bridgewater Canal so unfriendly ?

Augie at "painting point" in Nov11, Jan&Brian about to set off on our Llangollen trip, and showing the newly added cream paint on rear doors etc

There seem to be many narrowboat owners running web sites chronicling their journeys but far fewer dedicated to their actual boats.
So here we give thoughts on some of the major items specified in the build,
and here is info on finishing touches, various DIY additions & modifications we've made.


Tab Group Contents
Time Line Augurs Well during construction. Starts with associated places such as the Crick show and Victoria Pit Moorings. There are then sets of photos and sometimes videos taken when we visited Liverpool to see the steelwork, then Orchard to see various stages of construction. After handover, the maiden voyage was the 4 day trip back to Vicky Pit. At this stage Wilsons had not fitted the cratch or rear cover, nor had we put up mirrors, kitchen fittings etc.  This final stage is named "Post delivery, pre-cratch" !!!
Boat Info Information about the boat itself and our choice of equipments, fittings, colours etc. There is a review of our thoughts on Orchard Marina as a boat builder. Also pages on: Jan's thoughts on the pleasures of commissioning a new boat (need to buy for: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, sitting room ... (oh what bliss)). Plan of AW showing the major equipments as specified to Orchard for the build. Thoughts for AW's paint scheme and sign-writing. Where the name "Augurs Well" came from.
Trips By the time AW was "completed" (= Wilsons cratch & rear hood completed, and our initial DIY work) the end-2010 through early 2011 big freeze had set in.
So essentially this is a record of AW in 2011 and later.
Contact How to contact Jan & Brian, plus information and maps of Augurs Well's mooring at Victoria Pit, Higher Poynton.

Augurs Well gets built
Below are various key stages in the commissioning, building phases and immediate post-delivery period (most recent at top)
essentially these correspond to the [ Time Line -> ] buttons links
Completion - Wed 1 December 2010
In the snow, Ian returned to fit the rear cover
Post delivery, pre-cratch fitting
various trips after the maiden voyage, but before completion of Wilson's cratch & rear cover
Maiden Voyage - Sat 16 thru Tues 19 October
installing the wilson's sofa, moored at Wheelock to meet Renwick's & Glover's, moored at home - Vicy Pit
Handover - Saturday 16 October 2010
Wed 13 & Thurs 14 Oct - Wk 5 of 4 - Final visit before handover ???
Tues 5 Oct & Fri 8 Oct - (was to be...) Final week
(note 2 links to separate pages)
still, the boat is looking gorgeous, we can wait (we will have to wait ..... )
Wed 29 Sept & Sat 2 Oct - 3 of 4 weeks though
Wed 22 & Sat 25 Sept - half way point !
Sat 18 Sept - Fit-out started
Mon 13 Sept - Arrival at Orchard

Monday 6 September - Steelwork nearing completion

Tuesday 31 August - the very first photos of any part of Augurs Well
Showing the boat's base plate lying on the floor (bow point at front) and 2 sheets which will form the lower side panels

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