The Cheshire Ring - Easter 2012
Page contents: 10 min edited video for the trip, Itinerary (text), Anderton Lift video

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April 2012 Cruised Overnight Mooring / Dinner
Good Friday Vicky Pit, north up Macclesfield then down the 16-lock Marple flight on the Peak Forest Canal to 1/2 ml from its northern end. Dinner on board, 1/2 ml from northern end of Peak Forest Canal
Easter Saturday 1 ml west along Ashdon Canal, stop at Guide bridge to collect crew for the day. Then 18 locks of the Ashton, followed by the notorious Rochdale 9.  Moored at Castlefields. Dine out in Manchester with the crew !
Easter Sunday Westbound on the (incredibly unfriendly) Bridgewater Canal, through the boring Altrincham suburbs, eventually out into countryside, and stop at Lymm Dinner on board in Lymm
Easter Monday (none - stay moored in Lymm all day) Dine out at the Spread Eagle pub (don't think we met it at its best this Easter mon evening  ?!?)
Tuesday 10 Continue westbound on the Bridgewater Canal to Preston Brook.  Spend far too much money in Midland Chandlers, then through the tunnel (no probs) to the northern end of the Trent & Mersey Canal.  Continue southbound to Anderton. Dinner on board by the Anderton lift.
Wednesday 11 Book next available trip down the Lift, 10:15 then go just 2 mls south, upstream, along the River Weaver to Northwich.  Shopping trip to re-stock booze & food Dinner on board moored in Northwich.
Thursday 12 Return downstream to Anderton (reaching 6mph !) for a 12:15 booking.  Then around Northwich on the T&M to Orchard Marina to say Hello.  Then continue southbound to Middlewich. Dinner on board moored in Middlewich.
Friday 13 South to Weelock then start Heartbreak Hill in beautiful sunshine (vs hailstones last June). Complete 2/3 of it, mooring at the pub. Dine out at the Broughton Arms, Broughton.  Good food, excellent value, good beer but not much atmosphere.
Saturday 14 Complete Heartbreak Hill then turn onto the Macclesfield Canal & proceed northbound to Bosley. Dinner on board moored at the bottom of the Bosley Locks
Sunday 15 Early start, Bosley done in < 2hrs.  Stop too long for lunch (!) then continue north and back home. (Home !!!)
Anderton lift video will go here
once I get round to editing it !!!