Design of Colour Scheme & Sign-writing

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Reproducing colours acurately on computer monitors is notoriously difficult. All the colours used on this site are the correct RGB (Red Green Blue) values.
BUT note - the additive RGB colour space is NOT really relevant for paint. Paint, like printer ink, is better described in the subtractive colour space CMY (Cyan Magenta Yellow) (or cmyk =+ blacK).
See: for example
or Google "BS4800 " or any significant paint manufacturer.

  BS 10 C 31 - "Cream", "Ivory" or "Buttermilk" - RGB 254-255-213  
  BS 08 E 51 - "Golden Yellow" or "Gold Cup" - RGB 251-192-000  
  BS 04 D 45 - "Dark Cherry" or Monach" - RGB 096-043-027  
  Orchard will be painting Augurs Well with Masons International paint