AW colour scheme
bow detail & name for sign-writing

Painting by PhotoShop !!!
our paint scheme & sign-writing ideas.
Mouse-over image to see original photo, PhotoShop name then the real thing !!!

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Mock-up of our thoughts, via PhotoShop. Mouse-over to see the original photographs. Click to open a 4320x2432px version (in new window).
The Colour Scheme relies on British Standard colours (see table below). Main side panels will be BS10C31 cream, which is also the colour of the
ChannelGlaze window frames. Surrounding dark red colour is BS04D45 with a BD08E51 yellow pinstripe. The text font seen is called "Rosewood"

The circular design is called a "YingYang". This symmetrical shape is geometrically very simple. Click to see how !!!
This image was created first, using the font "Rosewood" and it & the scroll images
moved copied, rotated etc. It was then superimposed on the boat photo images
above and adjusted to conform with the perspective of the photograph.
Click to see the original 4000x2500px image (new window)

Reproducing colours accurately on computer monitors is notoriously difficult. All the colours used on this site are the correct RGB (Red Green Blue) values.
BUT note - the additive RGB colour space is NOT really relevant for paint. Paint, like printer ink, is better described in the subtractive colour space CMY (Cyan Magenta Yellow) (or cmyk =+ blacK).
See: for example
or Google "BS4800 " or any significant paint manufacturer.
In addition to black, the 3 colours used are shown below, along with their BS number, the names used by some paint manufacturers and the RGB values.

  BS 10 C 31 - "Cream", "Ivory" or "Buttermilk" - RGB 254-255-213  
  BS 08 E 51 - "Golden Yellow" or "Gold Cup" - RGB 251-192-000  
  BS 04 D 45 - "Dark Cherry" or Monarch" - RGB 096-043-027  
  Orchard will be painting Augurs Well with Masons International paint  
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