Jan goes shopping ...

One of the most exciting processes, since we decided that we were commissioning a boat, has been the planning of it. Once we had decided that a new boat was the way forward, the first part of the planning was choosing the boatyard to build it for us.

At Crick we saw a good many suppliers of essential boat accoutrements from self-seeking satellite systems to miniature freezers. It was then, having chosen which boat we were commissioning, we have had a huge amount of enjoyment buying bits and pieces to fill it, when we finally take delivery of it.

The first for me was deciding on a colour scheme and while Brian was deep in conversation with a supplier of cratch covers, we were seated on a very comfortable sofa, which, it turned out was designed especially for narrow-boats. I always said that I wanted a sofa and not two chairs so in those minutes when Brian was discussing cratch systems; I decided that this sofa was exactly what we were looking for. Not only that but I had even chosen the fabric. Unlike many ladies I am not a browser and tend to make quick decisions about things. I informed Brian that I had found the fabric for the sofa in the few minutes that he had been talking – even he was surprised.

Once the basic interior colour was selected the rest was easy. I have spent many pleasurable times choosing everything from crockery, kitchen paraphernalia, curtain fabric, towels, bedding to glasses and even a selection of ‘designer’ beer to put in the stock. Barely a shopping trip went by without my returning with some new little gem to add to the collection. The internet has also been a fantastic source of stuff and we have been nominated for Amazon’s best customer award.

As has been mentioned in these pages, our dining room is out of commission due to the amount of stuff waiting to be moved to AW when we finally get it. The first thing to move on will be the TV and sound system which is to be ‘plumbed in’ by the boat fitters – we spent ages debating over what would be the best model to have. I am now busy stocking up on a new library of dvd’s and music especially for Augurs Well.

I’m sure we’ve forgotten many things and until we get on board and take AW out on its first foray, we won’t know what. Whatever it is we shall enjoy finding it.

Sofa Fabric & (below) Curtain Fabric