Why "Augurs Well" ?
What does it mean ?

Jan came up with the name ...
The original idea was "Fate" as in destiny, but Fate was rejected as it reads too much like "Fatty" when mocked up on a boat design.
There are all too many boats named "Destiny" already. So Jan's inspiration was well timed and has been met with universal approval !

an Augur (Auspex) was a religious official in ancient Rome who interpreted omens to guide public policy

so "augurs well" means
to bode well; to have good expectations for something;

to foreshadow a successful outcome as indicated by some circumstance or event



1. (Historical Terms) Also called auspex (in ancient Rome) a religious official who observed and interpreted omens and signs to help guide the making of public decisions

2. Any prophet or soothsayer

augur vb

1. to predict (some future event), as from signs or omens

2. (tr; may take a clause as object) to be an omen (of); presage

3. (intr) to foreshadow future events to be as specified; bode; this augurs well for us

augural  adj  
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the opposite of augurs well is "augurs ill" ie to predict a bad outcome for something
(vs a bad Augur which would presumably be an Augur who kept getting his predictions wrong)

Although some Roman Augurs may well have used the position of the entrails of slaughtered
sheep as an indicator of outcomes good or ill, we will not feel the need to use this exact method ...

Note 1:
augurs well has nothing to do with the phrase "all goes well" however much it might sound like it

Note 2:
it also has nothing to do with an "auger" which is the drill bit part of a carpenters brace and bit