Jan and Brian Dougal are now married

Wedding Photos and videos
Hen and Stag parties videos of Hen Party (York) and Stag do (Newcastle)
Professional Wedding Photos All 35 of the professional photographs we bought
Wedding Ceremony Videos 4 videos from:- professional MSC , raw footage for it, John/Abbie's phone and Nikon pics

Cruise Photos and videos
Pre Wedding photos 20 photos mainly of Palermo and the first gala dinner
Post Wedding photos video of 300+ photos shown at 2 per second and Love Actually scene with added photos
7 GoPro videos 1. Rome - 2. Departures - 3.Swimming pool - 4.Stag do 2.1 - 5. Water slides - 6. Circ de Sol - 7. Last Day

Wedding Party
Harry's Photos 39 photos taken on the night by (Rotarian) Harry Hill

Party Videos

First 4 are edited from the extensive videoing by Steve Hey using 2 camcoders.
Followed by phone material from Julia  Hey, Peter Renwick and Harry Hill's photos (as above) all to music

1 Party before the speeches Steve Hey - camcorder 06:23
2 Speech by Ben then Brian 16:41
3 Bob / Elvis on stage 15:25
4 The party thereafter 07:31
5 First dance and Elvis Peter Renwick - phone 07:54
6 Photos Julia Hey - camera 01:03
7 Photos Harry Hill 02:10